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The sexagenary cycle consisting of the 60 possible consecutively combined heavenly stems and earthly branches, is used to determine the number designated for each of the four pillars that every individual has. Each pillar having 1 sixty cycle number, 2 elements, 1 stem, 1 branch, and 1 animal, sets the personal qualities that represent the year, month, day, and hour of a personís birth. The four pillars, a foundation for the astrological forecast of the moment of birth, can then generate someoneís prenatal, postnatal, daily, monthly, or yearly hexagrams, or portents within the three lives system.  


FORECAST FACTORS:                                             

  • Natal (Gua) Numbers (Annual, Monthly)
  • Four Pillar Divination (Solar and Lunar Animals: 8 Elemental Characters, 10 Stems, 12 Branches, 4 Sexagenary Cycle Animals, 4 Lunar Animals)
  • Three Lives System Divination (Animal Bone, 12 Creatures, Career Star, Yearly God, Nine Star God, Noble Star)
  • Compatibility (Enforcing, Harmonious, and Persecuting Orders)
  • Hexagram Derivation (Prenatal, Postnatal, Yearly, Monthly, Daily) [Additional service]


Lunar Calendar Forecast

Solar Calendar Forecast


Astrological Yijing Hexagram Divination: Prenatal and Postnatal Hexagram Derivation from Solar Calendar Four Pillars

Service requires full astrological forecast to derive Prenatal, Postnatal, Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Hexagrams. (Option: Hexagram is presented in calligraphy style.)  Yijing commentary and interpretation included.


See Consultation for personal Astrological Forecasts.