world without way;

whistling through bamboo reeds, planking the footbridge, shading his faint words:

the goal of a soul is not to have one.

before the first birth the struggle was won.

meander captive through lifeís supple bridge,

connected to an from his shadowís ridge.

the bridge suspended from perfect nothing,

reveals a gate to threshold something.

the threshold is known as the soul trapper,

giving formless force an organic wrapper.

also know as the peak experience,

the threshold will transform manís appearance.

the peak experience turnís manís sight back,

to spark a fragment on the learning track.

when man knows the track he learns to forget.

growth from his forgetfulness will beget.

life is a progression of dark thresholds

through which his simple tale of light unfolds.

because the intangible will confess,

light forms solid space from voids of darkness.

details within solid are tangible.

living without goals is desirable.

relax to hold fast to strength of the weak;

note the texture of pebbles in the creek.

manís only goal is simply to survive.

through the last threshold freedom is revived.



world within way;

presenting graciously an offering of love, singing prayer through buttressed eternity:

Alone, suffering in the realm of my birth,

Plagued by the depravity of the cardio hearth,

Hope streams through my vortex of healing,

Warming experiences of frost-bite feeling.

The prophecy of a warm miracle,

Dooms the cave of knowledge skeptical.

Trust in my senses will be resisted,

Once the faith of this sacred feeling is persisted.

From your smiling eyes the glow is derived.

Its too late, Iím captured; the bright tunnel arrived.

Open love projecting freely,

So our juxtaposition becomes infinity,

Our blurred surroundings move on the surface,

When we dance in the tunnel of One linking purpose.

A place where infinity becomes One

Is where the cold universe breeds a life-giving sun.

Our resuscitating breath dancing in circles

Is the cosmic rebirth shining a miracle.