haiku of a disciple


magic finger form

searching for jing potential

with desire or not



energy is found

from victory to sacrifice

eldest son is wood



qian, kun, li, kan

magic square river turtle

luo shu river book





4    9    2


3    5    7


8    1    6



stigmata columns

yongquan, laogong rooting

temple of my soul



magic finger furnace

san jiao steaming healer

chanting grasping zang-fu



rooting for safety

no one can push you over

root to grow to leave



vibrations bubble words

saliva evaporates

air crystalize zang



crystal harmony

vector equilibrium

let go to remember



conscious dream cauldron

magic finger crystal zang




strive for plum blossom

diamond kundalini

gather qi heaven



wei qi expansion

sha pass through my empty mind

hold your breath tunnel



superficial wave

qian kun floating wrist pulse

tian di dragon



light searching phoenix

er tong tree meditation

diagnosis song



the dream revealed her face

eucalyptus button eyes

making love with change



qi transformation

magic finger diamond

spirit cleansing pour



the sounds of water

echoing through your mind’s house

drinking from void’s gourd



guan yin fire blessing

yin and yang circles three times

searching yintang square



must be clean to heal

remember the jade girl’s thought

where you are is home



song of buddha’s child

two becoming the light of one

lotus eternal



aura is leaking

the third eye must see clearly

the sky is a bell



golden openings

mood filters though sacred space

temple of tortoise



glistening dew blades

rooting earthly energy

welcome yongquan step



breathing through laogong

astral castle far below

bearded lama smile



search humble water

for the lowest point

last one follows first



honey zhi gan cao

butterfly destination

follow the fairie flute



answers are questions

trans-continual rebirth

true wealth is knowledge



feet walking underground

thinking clearly in cosmos

stretching consciousness



diagnosis gem

sensitivity is key

focus beyond field



rainbow prayer hinge

unconditional love bridge

heart aumakua



buzzing psychic spine

listening so far away

empty discipline



waiting to be born

traveling dreams to the stars

alive in the sun



blue zero essence

music creates form in thought

falling through bamboo



peace of nothingness

wine of immortality

fire, water, thunder



ringing baihui

seeing god in the detail

motion awareness



dan tian guide through

keeping to mystical pass

normal non-being



refine your senses

energy violation

coarse to delicate



ocean blue virtue

observing without purpose

circle sentinel



listening with heart

thinking louder than thunder

‘infinite origin’



importance is now

integrate shen, qi, and jing

unoccupied mind



sacred fetus seed

gross energy is servant

mystic conception



galactic synchro

i am another yourself

hunab ku agent



planet light body

release descending center

now: 13 ahau



earth acupuncture

transformation of matter

timeless zuvuya



jing well quickening

fingers dripping lightning qi

tiger mouth breathing



zuvuya surfer

warrior shaman in lak’ech

freedom levity



ringing highway spine

winding energy spirals

light yang mystery



seeking messengers

there is no coincidence

vector love rooting