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[These articles appeared in the "Best of Health" newsletter published by the Honolulu Medical Group.]


According to Taoist philosophy, a person is a blend of heaven and earth. In heaven there is energy, and on earth there is form. The elemental interaction of heaven and earth creates the myriad things. A harmonious person lives between heaven and earth, striving to accomplish the longevity of the body, the prosperity of the mind, and the happiness of the spirit.  



FENG SHUI: Living in Harmony with the Environment

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally translates in Chinese as “wind water.” Originally, this translation referred to the discipline of examining the earth’s topological affect upon winds and waters in order to live in harmony with nature. In the modern urban world, Feng Shui simply treats the environment in order to increase the quality of life (or as the Chinese say “increase one’s fortune”).

Question Your Living Environment

Does the place in question inspire you or make you feel truly alive? Are you comfortable and happy in your living space? Can you move freely in all areas of your environment? Can you be yourself in your environment? Do the people in your living space get along? If not, when and where is disharmony? The disharmonious areas need treatment.

General Feng Shui:

Energy (qi), that is the movement and interaction of people, fresh air, and light, should be unobstructed and radiant. Destructive forces (sha) attack or obstruct the flow of energy. Feng Shui aims at remedying the sha and enhancing the qi.

When practicing Feng Shui, it is necessary to accurately observe the energetic patterns that surround, permeate, and bind the environment to its occupants.

Feng Shui can be practiced in many different places, not just at home. It can be applied in the garden, at work, in a temple or shrine, at a grave site, in an essay, article, or book, in a drawing or painting, in a song or poem, in clothing, in cosmetics, in nutrition, in posture, in breathing, in interpersonal relationships, or in your mind.  Best practice is focusing on the activity at hand.

A harmonious state of mind blends logical principles with intuitive instinct in order to express the self honestly. The mind is open so it can adapt and alert so it can respond.

Nature follows certain laws and patterns. In Taoist philosophy, regarding these patterns enhances life between heaven and earth, bringing good fortune to humanity.  


HOUSEHOLD TIPS: Troubleshooting


Daily cleanliness and organization should be practiced diligently and devotionally. To make time for housekeeping practice requires discipline. It’s amazing how our daily personal  interactions can be influenced by the lifestyle we have or have not created either at home or at work.


  • Organize or remove clutter and clean out dirt (floors, walls, shelves, desk and files, drawers and cabinets, closets, outdoor storage, refrigerator)

  • Remove dead plants

  • Suppress machine noise  

  • Hide or bundle electrical cables

  • Keep things off the floors

  • Do not store things underneath beds

  • Make sure all doors and windows can open freely

  • Keep door hinges oiled 

  • Make sure there is plenty of natural light and fresh air circulating (keep windows and mirrors clean)

  • Make sure kitchen and study have plenty of light (replace light bulbs)  

  • Keep lights discreet in bedroom

  • When something breaks fix it right away, if possible


HOUSEHOLD TIPS: Accessibility

Access Tips:

The quality of accessibility depends upon the surroundings, the approach, the entrance, the interior openings and passages, and the barriers.

Yards, Gardens and Drives:

  • Gardens, curving walks, transitional spaces encourage harmonious qi to main door

  • Mark a yard boundary to inhibit neighboring sha

  • Use plant beds and/or lights to accent curving paths and drives

  • Trees and lights can extend or fill boundaries, or expand narrow areas

  • Avoid thorny plants unless the scent is good

  • Climbing plants on bare walls are good

  • Keep dead plants out

  • Driveways and paths should be wide, gently curving and sloping slightly away from the house


  • Never open door into an obstruction or poison arrow (sharp corner aimed at you)

  • Front and back door should be off axis

  • Remedy front door with wind chimes

  • Doors should not clash with other doors

  • Doors should open entirely free from blockage or jamb

  • Locks and hinges should be oiled


  • Windows should preferably open outward (let stagnant qi out)

  • Windows should be positioned to welcome fresh air, shield glare, and capture the best views

  • Windows should avoid views of poison arrows and offending or overwhelming views

  • Windows should not stick

  • Windows should be clean

  • Remedy windows with crystals

Stairs and Corridors:

  • Stairs should not face door

  • Stairs should be wide, brightly lit, and slightly curved

  • Corridors should be wide and well lit

Ceilings and Walls:

  • Avoid placing furniture under beams; exposed beams accelerates qi flow (break continuity of beam with banner, mobile, etc.)

  • Paint low ceilings white and high ceiling dark

  • Use walls and partitions to block and deflect sha

  • Use plants, lights, wrapped mirrors, or chimes to cover protruding corners (poison arrows)  





  • Square, wide, bright, and neat shaped rooms encourage qi flow

  • Irregular shaped rooms suppress qi

  • Rooms should make one feel happy and comfortable

Bedroom: most important (1/3 of life spent sleeping)

  • Bed should not face window, door, or mirror

  • Mirrors in the bedroom cause discord between husband and wife (introduces a third party)

  • Position bed slightly off the northern axis

  • Do not store items under bed

  • Avoid lights directly over the bed


  • Octagonal arrangement of furniture with walls

  • Arrange furniture around focal points (fireplace, TV, table)

  • Remedy dead spaces with plants


  • Should be well lit, ventilated, and spacious

  • Position the sink away from the stove

  • Use reflective (stainless steel) countertops for safety

  • Islands and tables in the pathway are good for safety to slow down circulation

  • Worker's back should never face the kitchen door when working


  • Dining area should be situated away from bathroom or front door

  • Table should be round (heaven) and encourage circulation

  • An even number of chairs is lucky

  • Table should be centered under light

  • Small tables are better than cramped tables

  • Mirrors make the meal seem bigger (abundance)


  • Avoid placing study near front door (money could leak out)

  • Desk should face door (authoritative)

  • Do not position desk diagonally across corner (creating dead space behind chair)

  • Desk should not be floating in the middle of room (sha steals achievement)


  • Place away from entrance and kitchen; preferably at the sides of the house

  • Never locate the bathroom at the end of a long corridor

  • Never locate at the center location of the house

  • Avoid placing lavatory directly in front of the main entrance

  • Keep bathroom door and lid of lavatory closed (prevent money from leaking)  



HOUSEHOLD TIPS: Symbolic Decorating

Decorating with Artifacts: Careful use of symbolism


  • Use to diffuse corners or square columns

  • Peach enhances health and longevity (place in E)

  • Red flowers bring fame (place in S)

  • Plum Blossom bring great good fortune

  • Peony enhances marriage (place in SW)

  • Money Plant encourages wealth

Lighting (fire): favorable locations for placement is S, SE, NE, E

  • Crystals enhance marriage (place in SW)

  • Entrance should be lit

  • Chandeliers should be centered over tables


  • Five elements: materials, color

  • Octagonal (bagua) furniture arrangement in a room is most auspicious


  • Scenic brings balance

  • Plants and flowers bring good fortune and endurance

  • Legendary figures repel evil