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17) Sui: Following


  • C: There is thunder in the lake, following; superior people go inside and rest when the sun goes down.

  • L: Following is greatly developmental: it is beneficial if correct; then there is no fault.

  • E: According with conditions, going along with human desire to gradually introduce guidance.



1 Yang:

  • L: Standards change; it is good to be correct. Going outside and mixing is effective.

  • E: Carefully following what is correct leads to success.

2 Yin:

  • L: Involved with the child, one loses the adult.

  • E: Following what is ignorant causes reality to be lost.

3 Yin:

  • L: Involved with the adult, one loses the child. Following with an aim, one gains. It is beneficial to abide in rectitude.

  • E: When one lacks aim yet has strong will, one can only follow the yang of another and not the yin of the self. This is the weak minded following what is right. It is essential to practice stillness in order to receive the yang of the other.

4 Yang:

  • L: Following has gain. Even if right, it is inauspicious. Truthfully remaining on the path, using understanding, what blame is there?

  • E: Although strength following strength has gain, it is excessive. When the following of strength is used with gentility, the path of reality can be trusted.

5 Yang:

  • L: Truthfulness in good is auspicious.

  • E: Every action is correct because one is following one’s trust in goodness.

6 Yin:

  • L: Binding and tying up; the king sacrifices on west mountain.

  • E: Useless and insubstantial following, is the inability of the self to follow others while wanting others to follow the self.