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22) Bi: Adornment


  • C: There is fire below the mountain, adorning it; superior people clarify government affairs, without presumptuous adjudication.

  • L: Adornment is developmental. It is beneficial to go somewhere in a minimal way.

  • E: Private cultivation, without ostentation, is the mutual complementing of clarity and stillness.



1 Yang:

  • L: Adorning the feet, leaving the car and walking.

  • E: This is adornment firmly preserving rectitude.

2 Yin:

  • L: Adornment is seeking.

  • E: Having the humility to seek the guidance from others to expand one’s own knowledge, is the adornment of weakness borrowing strength.

3 Yang:

  • L: Adorned and luxuriant, perpetual rectitude is auspicious.

  • E: When firm clarity is excessive, one cannot transform understanding into application. This is interior adornment without exterior adornment. Constant interior adornment is auspicious.

4 Yin:

  • L: Adorned or plain? A white horse runs swiftly. It is not an enemy but a mate.

  • E: When one is unashamed to humble oneself to inquire, adornment of the weak seeks clarity.

5 Yin:

  • L: Adornment in the hills and groves, the roll of silk is small; there is shame, but it turns out well.

  • E: Being flexible but not firm, keeping to quietude and isolation, brings shame. Balanced flexibility, the adornment of flexibility and self-sufficiency, is auspicious.

6 Yang:

  • L: Adornment by simplicity is impeccable.

  • E: Firmness and flexibility merge, and effortlessly clarify illumination. Plain adornment unifies clarity and stillness. Energy and substance integrate with the celestial principle of the spirit.