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26) Dachu: Great Accumulation/Nurturing the Great


  • C: Heaven is in the mountains, great accumulation; superior people become acquainted with many precedents of speech and action, in order to accumulate virtue.

  • L: In nurturance of the great it is beneficial to be chaste. It is good not to eat at home; it is beneficial to cross great rivers.

  • E: Being able to be still when strong; practicing nondoing to nurture incipient enlightenment.



1 Yang:

  • L: There is danger; it is beneficial to stop.

  • E: In the beginning of nurturing strength at the beginning, at the point where striving becomes nonstriving, it is beneficial to stop promoting strength and be still. 

2 Yang:

  • L: A cart is divested of its axles.

  • E: When strength is used flexibly, protecting the spiritual potential, awaiting the appropriate time to release, then the nurturance of strength is gaining balance.

3 Yang:

  • L: A good horse gives chase. It is beneficial to struggle for right. Daily practicing charioteering and defense, it is beneficial to go somewhere.

  • E: Although the energy is full, and the spirit is complete, one must be diligent in remaining correct and guarding against distraction. When all yin has been purged, there is spontaneous liberation and transmutation of suffering. This is nurturing strength and stabilizing the basic energy.

4 Yin:

  • L: The horns of a young ox are very auspicious.

  • E: This is the continuance of nurturing strength and stabilizing the basic energy.

5 Yin:

  • L: The tusks of a gelded boar are auspicious.

  • E: When yang (temperament) receives yin nourishment (yielding), the nurturing of strength merges yin and yang.

6 Yang:

  • L: Carrying the crossroads of heaven; development.

  • E: When the practice of nurturing the great is fulfilled, the real person emerges. Beyond heaven and earth, with a body outside the body, complete in oneself, one may begin to complete others, effortlessly effecting others by startling the ignorant and amazing the mundane. This is nourishing strength culminating in spiritual transformation.