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32) Heng: Perseverance/Constancy


  • C: Thunder and wind are perpetual; superior people stand without changing places.

  • L: Constancy is developmental. Impeccable. It is beneficial to be correct. It is beneficial to have a place to go.

  • E: Single minded application, perseverance in real practice.



1 Yin:

  • L: Deep constancy; fidelity brings misfortune. No benefit.

  • E: Constancy without the establishment of firm principle brings misfortune.

2 Yang:

  • L: Regret disappears.

  • E: When firmness is balanced, one understands the motivation of the firing process, which is to master effective adaptability, constant in timing rather than minding things. When constancy is without form, regret disappears.

3 Yang:

  • L: If one is not constant in virtue, one may be shamed; even if right, one is humiliated.

  • E: If firmness is unbalanced, and one rushes the achievement of attainment there will be inconstancy of virtue, and thus humiliation. In other words, even if one is oriented correctly (sets the will) to virtue but doesn’t practice virtue constantly, there will be humiliation. This is constancy of virtue with a beginning but no end.

4 Yang:

  • L: Fields, no game.

  • E: This is constantly embracing the principles of Tao without putting them into practice.

5 Yin:

  • L: Constancy in virtue; this righteousness is good for a woman, bad for a man.

  • E: Balanced flexibility is constancy in solitary cultivation of tranquility.  

6 Yin:

  • L: Constancy of excitement is bad.

  • E: Elevating the self to believe one has what one lacks is aggrandizing the self while ignoring others. This is constancy fooling oneself and bringing on misfortune.