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38)  Kui: Disharmony


  • C: Above is fire, below is a lake, disparate; superior people assimilate yet are different.

  • L: Disharmony: a small matter (yin) will turn out all right.

  • E: Focus on externals; requires inner emptiness to restore harmony.



1 Yang:

  • L: Regret disappears: when you lose the horse, donít chase it- it will return on its own.  Seeing an evil person, there is no blame.

  • E: In the beginning of disharmony, when the mind of Tao has left, and the human mind has come, if one is not deluded by the human mind, then the mind of Tao will return on its own. If one recognizes the human mentality and its five thieves (joy, anger, happiness, sadness, lust), and gradually introduces counteracting guidance to avoid injury, then the five thieves cannot extend their calamities and drain the pure yang. This is settling disharmony when it has just arisen.

2 Yang:

  • L: Meeting the master in the alley, there is no blame.

  • E: When artificial energy is strong and true energy is weak, it is difficult to use the human mind to produce the mind of Tao. This is settling disharmony when it is in full force.

3 Yin:

  • L: One sees the vehicle dragged back, the ox halted; the personís hair and nose are cut off.  There is no beginning, but there is an end.

  • E: Arbitrarily following desires, enjoying the outward and damaging the inward, eventually leads to the loss of all stability, causing one to regret their errors. This is causing disharmony by oneself where there had been no disharmony.

4 Yang:

  • L: Disharmony in solitude; meeting good people, associate sincerely, and though it be trying, there will be no fault.

  • E: When yang is inside yin, or the mind of Tao is trapped by the human mind, humility is required in seeking enlightened people, for the gradual elimination of the human mind and the omnipresence of the mind of Tao. This is the higher associating with the lower, thereby able to solve their disharmony.

5 Yin:

  • L: Regret vanishes; the ally bites through skin. What fault is there in joy?

  • E: By emptying the human mind to seek the mind of Tao, the mind of Tao can reform the human mind. This is using emptiness to seek fulfillment, thus able to solve disharmony.

6 Yang:

  • L: Disharmony results in isolation; see a pig covered with mire, a wagon carrying devils. First you draw the bow, later you put the bow down. It is not an enemy but a partner. Going on, it is fortunate if you encounter rain.

  • E: Ignorant of the mind of Tao, it is necessary to restore the mind of Tao by first understanding the human mind. To understand the human mind, one must see it as a demon that can cause damage to the original harmony. Without the human mind, the mind of Tao cannot be seen, and without the mind of Tao, the human mind cannot be known. Even though the human mind is the chief of villains, it is also the chief of merit that is used temporarily to restore the mind of Tao. This is taking advantage of the proper time to solve disharmony.