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40) Xie: Liberation (Solution)


  • C: Thunder and rain, dissolving; superior people forgive faults and pardon crimes.

  • L: For liberation, the southwest is beneficial. When going nowhere, the return brings good fortune; when going somewhere, promptness brings good fortune.

  • E: Taking advantage of the appropriate time to liberate positive primordial energy from the influence of the negative, conditioned energy.



1 Yin:

  • L: No blame.

  • E: This is borrowing strength from another when too weak to be released from danger.

2 Yang:

  • L: Catching three foxes on a hunt, having golden arrows, correctness brings good fortune.

  • E: Being firm yet flexible, keeping to the center, one doesn’t let the human mind indulge wildly or get injured by forcing its extinction. Going along with the desires of the human mind to gradually guide it, one becomes effortlessly liberated from the dangers of desire. 

3 Yin:

  • L: Riding bearing a burden causes enemies to arrive. Even being righteous one is humiliated.

  • E: Trying to force release from danger when one is weak brings humiliation. It is beneficial to seek a master of danger.

4 Yang:

  • L: Releasing your big toe, when the companion comes, then trust.

  • E: This is strength (the mind of Tao) being dragged down by weakness (the human mind), so not being liberated from danger.

5 Yin:

  • L: In this the superior person has liberation, which is fortunate; there is earnestness in regard to the inferior person.

  • E: Only when the human mind (yin pollution) has been thoroughly sublimated is the mind of Tao released from difficulty.

6 Yin:

  • L: The prince shoots at a hawk on a high wall and gets it, to the benefit of all.

  • E: This is great impartiality (the mind of Tao) clearing away the greatest danger.