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43) Guai: Parting


  • C: Moisture ascends to heaven, which parts with it; superior people distribute blessings to reach those below, while avoiding presumption of virtue.

  • L: Parting is lauded in the royal court. The call of truth involves danger. Addressing one's own domain, it is not beneficial to go right to war, but it is beneficial to go somewhere.

  • E: Detachment from discriminating consciousness, repelling the energy of external influences.



1 Yang:

  • L: Vigor in the advancing feet, going but not prevailing, this is faulty.

  • E: When one rushes the attainment of the celestial mind, lacking flexibility, one becomes trapped by the emotions (earthly mind).  This is being strong but not careful in parting from yin.

2 Yang:

  • L: If one is cautious and alert, though there be armed troublemakers in the night, one need not worry.

  • E: Being cautious and alert, one is firm yet gentle in parting from yin.

3 Yang:

  • L: Vigor in the face has bad luck. A superior person leaves what is to be left; going alone, encountering rain and so getting wet, there is irritation, but no fault.

  • E: There is frustration when one adamantly rushes to part with yin, but eventually, through practicing flexibility, one can avoid the fault of aggressiveness.

4 Yang:

  • L: No flesh on the buttocks, not making progress. Leading a sheep, regret disappears.  Hearing the words but not believing.

  • E: When strength is not correctly oriented, the mind of Tao is burdened by human mentality.  This is strength being damaged by weakness, not knowing how to part with yin.

5 Yang:

  • L: Wild burdock root; cut through resolutely. Balanced action is impeccable.

  • E: When the mind of Tao is fooled by human mentality, it clings to the discriminatory consciousness. If discriminatory consciousness can be separated from the human mentality, yang becoming pure and yin vanishing, reason will prevail over desire. This is parting from negativity by effort when strength is being dragged down by weakness.

6 Yin:

  • L: No call; in the end there is misfortune.

  • E: When there is only a single aggregate of the discriminatory consciousness remaining, celestial energy receives the ‘call of truth' to make one final advance to dissolve mundane energy. This is parting in which the celestial energy becomes pure and complete, and the mundane energy vanishes entirely.