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49) Ge: Revolution


  • C: There is fire in the lake, changing; superior people make a calendar and clarify the seasons.

  • L: In revolution, the sun of the self is truth: This is creative, developmental, fruitful, and perfect. Regret vanishes.

  • E: Refining personal desires to become unselfish.



1 Yang:

  • L: Wrapped up in a yellow ox-hide.

  • E: One is strong but not enlightened, not able to change the inner, but only able to follow outer change. Firm in principle without the flexibility of an open mind, is revolution that abandons the root and pursues the branches.

2 Yin:

  • L: The sun of the self is the good fortune of expedition in revolution; no blame.

  • E: By emptying the mind, one eliminates personal desires, thus killing the existence of the ego. If there is no ego, one realizes the existence of others, and thus can seek illumined teachers. This is revolution of emptying the mind to seek illumination.

3 Yang:

  • L: It is not auspicious to go on an expedition; even if correct, there is danger. Revolutionizing words formulated thrice, there is certainty.

  • E: It is not auspicious to be strong in reforming others when one hasnít yet reformed the self.

4 Yang:

  • L: Regret vanishes. With sincerity one changes destiny for the better.

  • E: Having strength but not asserting it is using sincerity to reform the temperament of the self.  This is revolution of employing strength with flexibility.

5 Yang:

  • L: A great person changes like a tiger. There is certainty without divination.

  • E: When strength is correctly balanced, opening the gate of life is and shutting the door of death, all acquired influences vanish. This is the purposeful change of a great person without divination.

6 Yin:

  • L: Superior people transform, inferior people change on the surface. To go on an expedition is unlucky, to remain correct is auspicious.

  • E: Superior people are flexible yet correct, diligent in self-refinement, empty and peaceful, honest within and inquiring without, transforming temperament and constitution, sublimating body and mind into the reality of Tao. Inferior people lack the firm will to complete self-refinement, eventually falling into misfortune. People with faith are superior, effortlessly transforming their hearts, while people without faith are inferior, changing only their appearance.