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61) Zhongfu: Inner Truth/Faithfulness in the Center


  • C: There is wind above a lake, with truthfulness between them; superior people consider judgments and postpone execution.

  • L: Faithfulness in the center is auspicious when it reaches pigs and fish. It is beneficial to cross great rivers. It is beneficial to be correct.

  • E: Avoidance of both obsession and negligence, seeking fulfillment by becoming empty.



1 Yang:

  • L: Forethought leads to good outcome. If there is something else, one is not at rest.

  • E: Having forethought before afterthought means that faithfulness to the path requires care in the beginning.

2 Yang:

  • L: A calling crane is in the shade, its fledging joins it; I have a good cup, which I will quaff with you.

  • E: This is faithfulness in the hidden practice of inner refinement.

3 Yin:

  • L: Finding enemies, sometimes drumming, sometimes stopping, sometimes crying, sometimes singing.

  • E: Taking false practices to be true practices turns faith into enmity. 

4 Yin:

  • L: The moon approaches fullness. The pair of horses is gone.  No fault.

  • E: This is the faithfulness of weakness seeking the strength in the fullness of heavenly yang.

5 Yang:

  • L: With faithfulness that is firm, there is no fault.

  • E: When faith in correct strength and flexibility unifies essence, vitality and spirit into the golden elixir, fate is dependent on free will and not on heaven.

6 Yang:

  • L: The voice of a pheasant reaches the skies; even if devoted, the outlook is bad.

  • E: When one indulges in guesswork, unable to humble oneself to seek true principles from others, one will advance and regress rapidly.  This is faith that misuses intellect.