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64) Weiji: Unsettled (Before Completion)


  • C: Fire is above water, not yet settled; superior people carefully discern things and keep them in their places.

  • L: Being as yet unsettled is developmental. A small fox, having nearly crossed the river, gets its tail wet, does not succeed.

  • E: Refining the self, repelling mundanity, waiting for the time to restore the primordial celestial positivity.



1 Yin:

  • L: Getting the tail wet, one is humiliated.

  • E: A weak person in deep danger must patiently refine the mind to gradually complete attainment. Being unsettled and trying to force settlement brings humiliation.

2 Yang:

  • L: Dragging the wheels, it bodes well to be upright.

  • E: When strength is used with flexibility, the wise appears ignorant during self-refinement because one is retreating to nourish strength. This is faithfully waiting for the time to effect settlement while unsettled.

3 Yin:

  • L: As yet unsettled, it bodes ill to go on an expedition, but it is beneficial to cross great rivers.

  • E: When one is unsettled, relying on artificial yin, ignorant of the medicinal substances of the firing process, one should seek a teacher to effect the completion of settlement.

4 Yang:

  • L: Remaining correct brings good results, regret vanishes; rising up to conquer the barbarians, in three years one will have the reward of a great country.

  • E: When strength is still lacking, if vigorous firmness is applied to gradually decreasing the mundanity of acquired conditioning, one will restore the primordial celestial mind. This is the gradual transformation of unsettled incompleteness to settled completion.

5 Yin:

  • L: Remaining correct brings good results, without regret; the light of a superior person has truth and goodness.

  • E: By emptying the mind in order to seek the mind of Tao, false brilliance leaves and true illumination arises, calm and undisturbed yet sensitive and effective, one is good. This is the ability of the unsettled to become settled by emptying the mind.

6 Yang:

  • L: Having faith, one drinks wine without blame. When one gets one’s head wet, having faith ceases to be right.

  • E: If one believes in the completed celestial settlement of yin and yang, while doing one’s best in human affairs, this is the will of humanity assisting the natural way of heaven.  However, when settling is unstable, without belief, it gradually becomes unsettled.  Correctness is effecting settlement by taking advantage of the proper time to use human power to accomplish it.