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The Acupuncture Handbook

Compiled by Michael James Hamilton, LAC


Copyright 2000 by Michael James Hamilton, L.Ac.

2nd Edition Copyright 2002

3rd Edition Copyright 2004


All rights reserved. Reproduction of any kind without prior written permission of the compiler is prohibited.

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     ACUSOURCE: The Acupuncture Handbook, 2000, 2002, 2004.  (587 pgs.; 108 figures); $60.00.
     ACUSOURCE: Meridian Theory. 2000, 2011.  (279 pgs.; 74 figures); $20.00.
     Vector Equilibrium (Cuboctahedron): Meridian Model for Energetic Balance. 1999. (29 pgs.; 34 figures); $10.00.

                                 see early sample at: vector equilibrium meridian model